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September 2018 was the release of (USA) Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner, by HyCube Design and Development&#877;&#875; &#877;&#875;; Jehuty is a suit or an Orbital Frame that in which is actually able to break out of flight awareness nets that are like the graphs in 3D Gamestudio: to actually bore flight holistically; which is also like the Raptor maviks or re spawn working UN-aware which encountered Jehuty during the 'Flight Awareness Crossing' instead learning from Jehuty's pathing and actually being generated further in the future through battling; which originally could not be programmed nets, yet that still leads to the original awareness defying ship.

The sliding and flying is all now controlled by Jehuty and Raptors even as they realize that Jehuty has become a immortal flight-shield flipping/crossing Orbital Frame artist of network attention providance sharing and etch a sketching and _______________________. The game was generated as a nightmare exitation trap where Dingo Egret stumbles unto the Orbital Frame which leads to a Runner Room storage scene because of the ships aggregation; forcing anyone who tries to take to be stored away from the encounter with the suit or Orbital Frame originally. The scene takes place on Jouret IV in one of its icy-canyons which are being mined by LEVs which originally could only fly on a wire programmed or re-controlled with sequence timing, thats when the LEV stumbles on Jehuty;;;MR 1422 in a case crammed into a avalanche crack attached to a half sphere arena with natural work sequence artistic pattern polygon FWD: IF: RE: RE: CONTROLLER: Capability nets where the Raptors exit the ship to arrive to battle even as you are the battle of awareness or Jehuty, the Raptors originally tried taking flight from Jehuty; yet did not succeed and joined in making the game after or if; made as flight awareness by daniel paul blei. The first Raptor which trained with Jehuty was taught teleportation as a capability on the original ship; which with allowed Jehuty and the Raptor to survive through and throughout the volume attacks of the rest of the Raptors making flying with or without attention crowd crossing of immortality approaches to and re-spawning. Jehuty has the entire capability to repeat and occur 35059 immortal strikes at a time and at a rate of occurrence that in which is presentation absolute.

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Make checks or money-order payable to:

Daniel Paul Blei
HyCube - Design and Development
1164 N. 46th. st.
Milwaukee, WI 53208-2701
Landmark CU

Please be sure to include your name and address; along with payments.

Zone of the Enders - The 2nd Runner Mars
Zone of the Enders - The 2nd Runner Mars

いいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいApril 2017 the 26th いいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいOriginally 2d3d Cube MMORPG, HyCube is planning on collecting young programmer students to make 2d3d called now... tttris which is 3D MMORPG TETRIS. If your interested contact dpbqRman@gmail.com

05-17-17*** **** * ******* ******** 3.4.1^__78^_.2851^ 11-19-2016*************'*'*'******** The XD System is now real! you can search daniel paul blei on google or check out more info with same name on facebook! xd taumetrics, a whole new mathematical platform is availible... ZZCubes now programmable, diamondquares and more! you can also email me at dpbqRman@gmail.com for more info. the old H is out. the new halved httachmenth is here. the 2d3d cube mmorpg is proof of xDimensionality in itself, as you can see logical reference cannot be 3rd dimensional. the pictures on this site verify xd zzcubes., or the picture could not have been drawn, based on logical directives of cubes during programming such as push and pull cannot be programmed from seperation. check out my information. A test response project has been implemented into availible cube sandboxes such as minecraft and minetest, also fresh sandboxes are programmable upon understanding. minetest is used by hycube and me dan,all zzcubes are possible because of me, ever since kids learned and programmed i collected info on them and research to develop xd taumetrics... its been ten years or so now actually 7. Need more info? let me know. this experience of xdism is developing those sandboxes as well as many others i carry behind the scenes, teaming up with my growth work to allow appropriately.

Minetest - infinite cube-based building and modulation

Welcome to the HyCube - 3D Cube RPG/MMORPG Website!

On this home page I am introducing a new Game Design idea I have been working on for a while and I wanted to provide information to Potential Developers and INVESTORS as an 'Online Presentation' for 3D Cube RPG/MMORPG; and so here it is.  If you notice to the left are a set of links that will lead you to the 'Online Presentation' I hope you enjoy what I have come up with.
This website is also provided for the following:
Angel Investors, Venture Oppotunists, Loan Analysts
(Note: If you are a Potential Developer still contact me by my email at dpbqRman@gmail.com , there may still be opportunity present!)
*********NEWS And INFO*********
***August - Wensday the 1st at 9:43:00 Central Time***

With so many Dungeon and Dragon titles on the market, along with shoot-em-up shooters that can lead to violence, the 3D Cube MMORPG is a massive imprint of positivity and knowledgable puzzling unto a young gamers mind. Providing the capability of creation, some environmental desctruction; all based around a complex intergration of 2D and 3D puzzling. These puzzlings leading to complex strategic gameplay; along with a simplistic graphical basis; generating a complex innovative environment which stands alone from all other MMORPG gaming titles. Interactive 3D environments which are considered puzzles, pathways, and moments of distress as you rush around a corner reaching a friends base while being chased by an army of 15 Tachnoids at a "Dash Speed" just barely making it to a safe place as your group of friends ambush the Tachnoid Army. So many different complexities such as Tachnoid Artificial Intellgence generation, involving full capability to generate in 3D any amount of pathways, neural designs, evasive, to destructive intellegence leading to a melting pot of perfection. Building bases with infinite capabilities along with special set designs which generate greater defense for your base and its designs. Environmental Growth Cubes replacing damaged environment after a complex raid of Tachnoids trying to reach your Base Pool of collected items and weight; different structural surroundings which generate a maze like logical battling instance to generate an upper hand on attacking players and Tachnoids. Trap capabilities, pure strategy, and an innovative sneak-around See Cube, Hear Cube, or Speak Cube to interact with parallel bases and gain alliances to fight off the Massive Tachnoid infections destroying and rebuilding the Sector to thier making. Constant battling to strategic movement, the 3D Cube MMORPG contains infinite amounts of Game Play hours as Tournament Winnings can be won Clan Realm VS. Clan Realm. Place real cash bets on games and engage in Tournament conversations and dealings at a table with other Clans, or even become a Tournament Host for a simple $500.00 for your first license and become a Tournament Powerhouse in the 3D Cube MMORPG environment. The HyCube - Design and Development Tournament Pool revolves around a massive amount of cash output into Tournament Listings based on 90% of the 3D Cube MMORPG Cover Profits. After accomplishing a Safe Zone Cube in your Base you have the capability to generate now your own Clan Realm where you can invite friends and allies to join your team against other Clan Realms and generate these Tournaments and Bet Games. Approaching battle with other Clan Realms each team is set at a table where agreements are made with Map Cubes, Setting Cubes, and different choices which lead to a final agreed upon result to generate a balanced, to even more of a challenge MMORPG gameplay based on decisions. So many different 2D and 3D puzzle complexities leading to an innovative brain twisting environment which boggles the mind and gives arthritis to your fingers! Create, edit and design all your own environment or join into the MMORPG Sector which based on skill level divides each player into zones where: Tachnoids are smarter or less smart, Players are skilled or less skilled; with every level gain, bases, enemies, puzzles, and all other complexities reach insanity! Play Capture the Golden Cube, King of the Hill, or even Team Dungeon. Team Dungeon one of the best ways to generate a Clan Team Work, filled with infinite Tachnoid systems and dangers which grow as you reach further into the Team Dungeon, leading to armies of over 1000 Tachnoids and massive Tachnoid Infect Bases filling practically the ENTIRE Sector, and leading to the most dangerous logical traps and findings. Work your way into establishing outposts with your friends in the 3D Cube MMORPG Sector Environment, you have a Clan Realm and you NEED to gain resources from the MMORPG Sector Environment and bring the winnings back to the Clan Realm Pool, in which every item won and contained in your 3D Puzzle Matrix can be transferred into your Clan Realm Pool with the rest of your friends. Worried about someone trying to steal your stored items, or want to share? Generate passwords for your set of items, so only your true friends can accomplish usage of the items you have provided to the Clan Pool. All these resources are needed to build environment in your Clan Realm, design and prepare for Clan Matches against other Clans. Infinite capability revolving around complex, strategic, and mind-boggling innovations; building, destruction, and design. Complex Puzzling and innovative gameplay leading to a AAA MMORPG international gaming title.

***Decemeber - Friday the 15th at 7:41:00 Central Time***
I have been recently looking into Venture Opportunities and Angel Investor Opportunities for the funding towards the 3D Cube MMORPG Project, if your interested in investment then email me at dpbqRman@gmail.com.  Also I am in the middle of talks with many AAA Gaming Developers.
***Wensday the 8th at 3:34:22 PM Central Time***
I have made some changes and edits to the Program Layout, so check out the changes before you leave my site!
***Wensday the 8th at 3:46:11 PM Central Time***
Today I have added a Program Layout page listed upon the links located to the Top Left of the Website.  This Program Layout walks through the basis of what I am looking for with the completed project of 3D Cube RPG/MMORPG.  Including, basis of environment engine, battle engine, movement engine, and the rest of the customizable 3D Puzzle Matrix features along with the customizable features included throughout the 3D Cube RPG/MMORPG.  This is due to the volume of requests for Programming the 3D Cube RPG/MMORPG Engine.  Please fiind the link listed above to the left.
Thanks for all the interests,
P.S. DONT FORGET > > > I am still observing Demo Projects and resumes, if you ARE INTERESTED STILL contact me at: dpbqRman@gmail.com
***Saturday the 4th at 12:01:13PM***
NOTE: The Conclusion Page has been ***UPDATED*** Today!

This website was designed to generate a 'Online Presentation' of a MMORPG idea I have had in mind for a long time.  I really wanted to present this stuff so I could point Potential Developers and INVESTORS my way so they could look over my ideas throughout this presentation.
I am looking for a Developers/INVESTORS that would be willing to produce my game [3D Cube RPG/MMORPG] on the market, and I am working in the direction of a Contractual Agreement, if you like my idea just e-mail me at the address listed below, thanks for your time and consideration.

State Street
Milwaukee, US 53208

Phone: (414) 909-3159

Daniel - dpbqRman@gmail.com

Please get in touch to offer comments and ask questions.

Angel Investors / Private Investors
Angel Investors




The innovative 3D Puzzle Matrix:




Zone of the Enders
Zone of the Enders

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